The Future Of Future World

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are discussing how we would improve a few Disney attractions.

Spoiler Alert: Spaceship Earth Has Got To Go

Oh, EPCOT. How do I love thee. If you’ve ever read this blog before (or even had a 5 plus minute conversation with me), my love of the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow has been discussed. But, I have to admit something – for as much as I love the Food & Wine festival, there’s plenty bits of EPCOT that I find to be well…dated. While I won’t hate on the park too much, I will say that there was a serious reason it was my least favorite for most of my life (or, at least, until I turned 21).

One of the parts of EPCOT that I think needs to the most help is Future World because well… if you’re going to put the name ‘future’ in something it’s probably best to keep it up to date. Before I get started on what I’d like to change in Future World though – here’s what I’d keep (with some adjustments):

Things I’d Keep: 

1. Mission: Space – With Obama’s announcement that we’re getting ready to send humans to Mars it makes sense to keep Mission: Space around for a few more years at least.

EPCOT, Walt Disney World, Disney's EPCOT, Test Track, Disney Ride Photos
How Could You Get Rid Of A Ride That Gives You Photo Ops Like This?

2. Test Track – Since the re-vamp this EPCOT favorite still feels pretty futuristic, so it can stay… I guess. (Although I think the Cars Land Radiator Springs Racers are far superior).

3. Innoventions – so the buildings could use a paint job (and maybe a total architectural refresh) but I think the idea of having a hands on element of Future World is super cool! I’d highly recommend the parks get involved in making sure that the exhibits they have are the most up and coming. A partnership with Space X, or Tesla, would be an awesome use of this space (while also tying the Future together with Mission: Space and Test Track, which now read more as rides than any sort of thoughts on the Future of the globe).

…okay, so I wouldn’t keep much. Here’s what I think needs an update in EPCOT’s Future World: 

1. Spaceship Earth – I know, I know it’s a classic. But if EPCOT can get rid of Malestrom, I’m not sure why we need to keep this around. I also definitely think we could add a classic (or not so classic) Disney character to the mix. Maybe Stitch could teach you about space travel in a journey around the solar system? Or even Treasure Planets’ Jim Hawkins could let you join his hunt for intergalactic treasure. There’s a ton of options here – and they could all be served very well while still keeping the rides iconic outside.

2. Ellen’s Energy Adventure – Sorry, Ellen, but this has got to go. May I recommend making a permanent Food and Wine Festival? I kid, kind of. I think the best use of this space would be to focus on the future of energy. Even if it’s a similar experience to the show now (which I’ve never actually seen full disclosure) – I think there’s a great opportunity to teach kids and parents alike about how we can better take care of the earth around us.

You might notice a good deal of your Future World Favorites missing from this list – and there’s a reason for that. I think the best move EPCOT could make would be to split the Future World portion of the park in two. Leaving the attractions (with the slight changes) I described above makes sense – we could focus on the future of travel (both space and car), the future of the earth (both in the energy since and technological sense) and the future of the universe. While I love The Seas, and Imagination! and The Land – they feel like their own part of EPCOT, one that’s honoring the Earth we inhabit and the way we as humans occupy it. And while I could (and maybe will) write a post on the updates I could make there – that’s for another day.

photo credit: Lord is Good Mission Space – Epcot via photopin (license)

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4 thoughts on “The Future Of Future World

  1. I like your ideas to make the other half of Future World a bit more cohesive. It does feel like the one half has “Imagination”, “The Land,” “The Seas”… and then the rest of it is just kind of random rides. I would love to see more focusing on space travel and tying several rides and attractions into that theme over there.


  2. Ooooh, you took a big leap there, getting rid of Spaceship Earth, but as someone who has only ridden it once…I totally agree! I know many WDW regulars will disagree, but I’m on board. Maybe Disney will listen to your suggestions!


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