Ways To Make The Most Of Your Monorail Bar Crawl

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Red Loop. Today we are touring some of the great bars and lounges you can find at the Disney Parks.

disney bar crawl, drinking at disney, walt disney worldIf you’ve ever read this blog before (or paid any attention to the name) – you will know I love Disney Drinking. If you’ve looked at any of my trip reports, you also may have noticed that I really enjoy spending my first night in a Disney location not in the parks, but near them. In Disneyland I love a good hop from Trader Sam’s to Hearthstone Lounge, but in Walt Disney World I like to go a little bit bigger. I started the monorail bar crawl when my ex-girlfriend and I stayed at the Grand Floridan, and I’ve been trying to perfect it ever since. So – without further ado, here are my tips for a successful monorail bar crawl: STOP ONE: Disney’s Contemporary Resort I grew up staying at the Contemporary for family vacations, so being able to drink here is extra fun and adult-esq for me. When I was a College Programmer my roommates and I spent a night drinking at Outer Rim, and so it holds a special place in my heart as the place I must visit when I stop at The Contemporary. I love that unique view it has on Walt Disney World, and it’s off the beaten path enough that it’s often quiet. I love starting the night here and having some real conversation with who I’m with, before things get to messy. BBB Pro Tip: I highly recommend ordering something with a glow cube (especially if it’s your first stop). You can re-use it in all your drinks for the rest of the night, and what’s not to love about that?! Also if you do get one, make sure to ask your bar tender for a clean one – they’ll give it to you and you don’t have to cart around a stick cube all night. STOP TWO: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort The next logical stop on your monorail bar crawl will be the Polynesian, because well… it’s the next stop on the monorail. While I haven’t been to the Walt Disney World version of Trader Sam’s, I do love the Disneyland counterpart – so I’m sure it’s a great time. If it gets too busy, I also can’t speak highly enough about the Tambu Lounge. Not only is a great place to get a drink while waiting to get dinner at Ohana, but it’s also a fun spot to sit and listen to the waterfalls in the hotel’s main lobby.BBB Pro Tip: Sometimes this bar will give you a lay and things get weird. Picture proof of that (which my friend Lauren will kill me for posting): STOP THREE: Disney’s Grand Flordian Resort & Spa While I do think there’s a good case for making this the first stop on your monorail drinking tour, I think there’s also something fun about pretending to be classy when you’re really just intoxicated. My favorite bar here (and one of my favorites of any Disney hotel) is Mizner’s Lounge. It’s such an elegant setting, with the opulence of the Grand Floridian Lobby and the sounds of the jazz band as you sip your cocktail. It’s a great end to a great evening! BBB Pro Tip: While you probably won’t find her in the bar the local legend Lynn ‘The Teddy Bear Lady’ is probably sitting in the lobby. Find her and say hello – she’s such a great piece of Disney Magic that no one planned for. Well – those are my best tips for a great Monorail Loop. Any tips I should add for my next go around? And For more great Disney bars & lounges, check out the other great posts from the Blogorail!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Red | Disney Bar Crawl Loop:


9 thoughts on “Ways To Make The Most Of Your Monorail Bar Crawl

  1. I have actually enjoyed a drink with my 5 yo at the Outer Rim and it was so fun. The bartender was happy to make him a ‘mocktail’ so he could be a part of the crowd. We both had mai tais and he was tickled pink about having a grown up drink (sans alcohol).


  2. “she’s such a great piece of Disney Magic that no one planned for” – what a beautiful way to describe Lynn! Quite honestly, I had forgotten about her. Thanks for the memories, and for the wonderful overview of the monorail bar crawl! We enjoy Trader Sam’s for so many reasons (at least 5, obviously ;)) but I agree – Tambu is our go to at the Polynesian. I’ll never get tired of a Lapu Lapu!


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