Tips For Traveling To Disneyland With 20 Somethings

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing some tips to help you plan your Disneyland vacation.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love Disneyland. I went there approximately 1,000 times growing up (mostly in the year 2009), and not only made it to #Disneyland60 but also made a trip with a bunch of my high school friends for our five year reunion. I fully support going to Disneyland as a 20 something for so many reasons, but below I’m giving my top three tips for each kind of Disneyland visitor: the huge Disney nerd, the person who is angry they have to be there, and the person just looking to party.

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My high school friends and I had some great meet and greets. This activity would probably fall in the ‘Disney Nerd’ category.

For The Disney Nerd: 

If you’re a major Disney fan and you’ve never made it to Disneyland before, get ready. There’s something extra magical about walking where Walt walked, and seeing what his vision truly was (as far as I’m concerned The Magic Kingdom is just a copy cat). Here are some ways you can really feel the original spirit of the park:

1. Visit Walt’s Firehouse Apartment – When Walt was still alive he spent many a night in the apartment above the Main Street fire station. In fact, you can still see the light in the window that he used to light to signify he was spending the night. While you can’t go inside the room, I recommend stopping by and saying hello to Walt’s ghost (because I’m creepy like that).

2. Ride The Original ‘It’s A Small World’ – In no other Disney Park would I tell you to ride ‘It’s A Small World’, but this is a World’s Fair original. And although most of the original facade didn’t survive the ’64 World’s Fair, the spirit of the ride seems more appropriate in Disneyland than any other park as far as I’m concerned.

3. Do The Walk In Walt’s Footsteps Guided Tour – My sister and I did this tour in 2010, and it has stuck with me as one of my most important interactions with the Disney Resorts. We were lucky enough to be the only people in our tour group, but spontaneous private tour aside, this guided walk around the park does such an amazing job of telling you just how important Walt was to the park, and to the world at large.

I don’t care how anti-Disney you are, neon is always cool.

For The Anti-Disney Visitor: 

1. See ‘World Of Color’ – I don’t care if you don’t care about any Disney movie, World Of Color still has something for you. If you get excited about nothing else, enjoy how crazy water projection technology is.

2. Eat At The Blue Bayou – Again, this is something both Disney fans and non-fans alike can enjoy. The food is great, and the setting is beautiful without being overly cheesy.

3. Visit Car’s Land At Night – Another part of the parks that is themed, but not overly Disney, Cars Land when the neon lights up is a truly beautiful reminder of Route 66.

Walt Disney World, EPCOT, Mexico, Margaritas, selfie, lgbt, gay
I clearly fall into this last category.

For The Person Just Looking To Party: 

Full disclosure: you can’t drink anywhere inside Disneyland (unless you’re rich or important enough to get an invite to Club 33). That being said, there’s plenty of other places in the Disneyland Resort where you can get your drink on.

1. Downtown Disney – There are bars galore in the Downtown Disney district. And the best part? Unlike Walt Disney World, they’re all within walking distance of the parks!

2. Hotel Hopping – My first night of any Disneyland vacation is spent at Trader Sam’s Grotto. Add in a night cap at Disney’s Grand Calfornian and you have a great, and park admission free, evening lined up right out of the gate.

3. Go To The Mad Tea Party – There are glow cubes and dance music. Need I say more?


Have you ever visited Disneyland while in your 20s? What was your favorite thing to do when you visited?

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8 thoughts on “Tips For Traveling To Disneyland With 20 Somethings

  1. Before we had kids, my husband and I went to Disneyland often as 20-somethings and always had a blast. Blue Bayou was our go-to special dinner, so I totally agree with this recommendation. And we still enjoy a Blue Bayou date night whenever we get a babysitter when we now go with our kids!


  2. Good tips! I went with my husband for the first time two years ago and it was amazing. We loved the Walking in Walt’s Footsteps tour. It’s really a great destination for a 20-something year old!


  3. Had to laugh. I am a bit past my 20 something years but I went with a bunch of moms on a no kids trips last year and that was our same list. It was so nice to just experience the park at a slower pace.


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