The Three Best Ways To Thank A Disney Cast Member (From A Former Disney Cast Member)

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Orange Loop. Today we are sharing stories and ways you can thank Disney Cast Members.


During my time on the Disney College Program I dealt with guests of all types. While some were truly odd, and others were straight up rude, many guests helped make my work day fly by. That last form of guest where the reason I enjoyed my time at Disney so immensely, and if you want a cast member to say the same thing about you, here were my three favorite ways to be thanked by guests while on the job:

3. Leave a gift – A few times during my internship I received small notes from families, once even including a small lollypop. I still have a few of these notes saved in my keepsake box, and I still think of that lollypop as the perfect end to my lunch break that day.

2. Tell a manager – If a Cast Member really made your day, be sure to let their superiors know about it! I once received a four keys card based on guest feedback. A Cast Member receives a Four Keys Card when they go above and beyond to achieve the company’s four keys to success (safety, courtesy, show and/or efficiency). Not only do these cards show up on your Disney permanent record, but having your boss know that a guest loved you enough to tell them about you is never a bad thing either.

1. Just Say It – It was amazing how little I heard the words ‘Thank You’ while working at Walt Disney World. Being a polite guest goes very far at Walt Disney World. So, be patient and understanding when a Cast Member tells you to move inside the taped lines to view the parade. Be cool when the Cast Member tells you you can’t bring food into their ride queue. And always say thank you when a Cast Member helps make your day a little more magical. It may seem simple, but it truly goes a long way – especially in hour ten of your twelve hour shift.


Somedays I really miss wearing this thing, and some days I do not at all.

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10 thoughts on “The Three Best Ways To Thank A Disney Cast Member (From A Former Disney Cast Member)

  1. Did you work at Animal Kingdom during your College Program? I love the picture at the top – looks like you were having fun! It’s so easy to say “thank you” yet so many people seem to have lost this little bit of courtesy. Makes me sad.


  2. The good guests made the entire CP worthwhile! The ones who sat at the entrance of Space Mountain and sang along to Wishes with me. The ones who came back to find me after riding to thank me for my tips. These are the guests that made my program great!


  3. We always say thank you!! And now are teaching out kids the same. We always appreciate the little things that the Cast Members do that don’t always get noticed.


  4. I am always amazed at how CM’s never “break character” no matter how rudely they are spoken to. We have yet to run into an unpleasant CM and are so thankful for them as they provide us with any tips, tricks, and always have the best customer service!! We are going back in March and can’t wait to thank our CM’s.


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