How To Pack Everything You Need For A Disney Trip In One Bag

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Black Loop. Today we are sharing some of our favorite carry on bags.

This bag was a game changer in terms of packing for me. Sorry not sorry it's also Vera Bradley.
This bag was a game changer in terms of packing for me. Sorry not sorry it’s also Vera Bradley.

It has taken me a long time to break my over packing habit, but with the right bag – and the right mindset, I manage to fit everything with out having to ever see baggage claim. And trust me when I say, if I can do it – so can you!

First things first, the bag itself. I tend to opt for a duffel bag over one with wheels, because even though it kills my shoulder to carry it, I’m not a big fan of pulling a wheeled suitcase behind me everywhere. I have a large Vera Bradley duffel that I adore (and purchased while on my Disney College Program actually). I know some people have problems with the Vera prints, but to me it’s worth it for the size of this bag.

Which brings me to point number two: what I manage to stuff in this bag. Since it’s something I have to carry around with me everywhere, I try and keep it light. This means one (okay maybe two) pairs of shoes: sneakers, and a dressier option for my night in EPCOT. That, plus the flip-flops I wear on the plan keep me covered on the shoe front.

Then, I like to throw in a few pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans (hey, even Orlando gets cold). And for tops, I just dip into the Disney drawer of my dresser (which is a thing I have judge if you want to), and pull out enough shirts/sweatshirts to cover my trip (plus a few extras because I’m a very messy person). I also have one Minnie Mouse dress I’ll bring out for dinner at Ohana or Chef Mickeys:

Just a couple of mice, hanging out, happy to not have paid extra baggage fees on their flight to Florida.

And that’s really it. Beside the obvious additions (PJs, a swimsuit, my make up, a pair of mouse ears), leaves enough space in my bag for the traditional mass of souvenirs I acquire after a night at the Food And Wine Festival.

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15 thoughts on “How To Pack Everything You Need For A Disney Trip In One Bag

  1. I’ve learned to become a more efficient packer over the years, and I’ve also learned to be a more relaxed vacationer as well. It makes like so much simpler – and actually allows you to have more fun! I just purchased a knock-off bag very similar to your Vera and I’m looking forward to trying it as a carry-on for an upcoming trip to CA. (Oh, and I may have a Disney drawer – or two – of my own! I’ll never judge!)


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