The Grand Floridian Is The Best Resort For Couples. End Of Discussion.

Welcome to this month’s Magical Blogorail Orange loop. Today we are discussing the best Disney resorts for couples.

I’ve written about taking my girlfriend to Walt Disney World before, but let me just put it out there again in the universe: going to Disney with her is one of my favorite activities in the world.

When I was a  College Programmer, we did the long distance thing, which culminated in a long weekend Disney Vacation. Since had all my cast member perks we splurged on a hotel room at The Grand Floridian which, even with my 60% discount, was still expensive for two 20 somethings making minimum wage. That being said, not only was it was an experience I’ll never forget, it is also one I highly recommend any Disney couples try and recreate at least once in their lives. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few of the reasons why there’s no better hotel to take your significant other to:

I mean, look at this view. Who wouldn’t want to stay at this hotel, even if it wasn’t also 100 feet from The Magic Kingdom?

1. It’s Not Overly Disney. Growing up in Orlando didn’t make my girlfriend the world’s biggest Disney fan (shocking, I know) – so I knew that a room at The Art Of Animation or The Princess rooms at Port Orleans weren’t going to cut it. And even though we’ve stayed at both of those places and those hypothesis turned out to be mostly false, there is something really calming, adult, and romantic about walking into a hotel at the end of a long day and getting greeted by a piano player instead of a TV set playing the Disney Channel.

2. You Can Have Solid Date Nights With Out Having To Pay For Park Admission. My girlfriend and I got to the hotel  midway through the day, and we didn’t want to use a park ticket for only half a day, so instead we did a monorail bar crawl and a nice dinner. We started with a drink at the hotel bar, then went on to The Contemporary and The Polynesian. Finally, we ended the night with dinner at Narcoossee’s, where we ate on the water while watching ‘Wishes’. While the quick service food court was down while I was there, and I’ve never been to 1900 Park Faire or Victoria & Alberts, I think that the various dining options, from the super fancy to the character meal to the super casual, offer a great range of date night experiences. Not to mention the addition of Trader Sam’s has to make that bar crawl even more fun.

Here’s an image of us after aforementioned date night. It’s just too cute not to share if you ask me.

4. It’s Romantic. In the three days we stayed there, I probably saw upwards of ten brides, grooms, and bridal parties in the hotel. This is obviously because of it’s proximity to the Disney Wedding Pavilion, but I found it to be a fun added layer to my date weekend to see brides (and their dresses) finding their happily ever afters.

As much as I love The Grand Floridian, it’s my goal to stay in every Disney Hotel at some point – and I think next up on the romantic list are The Boardwalk and Animal Kingdom Lodge. But, The Grand Floridian will always hold a special place in my heart, and as soon as I can afford it, I’ll be back ASAP.


Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Orange  | Best Disney Resorts for Couples Loop:


11 thoughts on “The Grand Floridian Is The Best Resort For Couples. End Of Discussion.

  1. We love to VISIT the GF, and we’ve dined several times at 1900 Park Fare and done tea as well. But, for some reason, it’s never appealed to me to stay there. It’s just a bit too fancy for me, I guess. It’s too white! We did stay at AKL in November, and the darkness of it seemed much more inviting and appealing to me. The close proximity to the MK, though, and the fact that it’s ON the monorail loop, make GF something pretty awesome!


  2. With 2 teenage sons they seem to never pick GF for our trips. i think I will need to plan a romantic weekend and go without them. We have always enjoys the restaurants here and if you are ever visiting during the Christmas season make sure you visit GF! The life sized gingerbread house is not to be missed.


  3. My wife and I ate at the Grand Floridan Cafe in August ’14 when it was just the two of us. Staying in the Grand Floridan Villas (as DVC members) in October. Can’t wait for the vacation.


  4. I’ve only visited the GF during the Christmas season, which was gorgeous! But a stay there would definitely be a dream come true and a massage at Senses would be great too 😉 !


  5. Well, you know I have to agree; Disney’s Grand Floridian is a pretty special place for couples. I spent two nights of my Honeymoon here (we were magically upgraded to a Honeymoon Turret Suite) and no matter how many times we have visited with children and family since, that is how I will always frame this resort. For romantic dining options alone, there can be no compare. Narcossee’s is always on our must-do list and though it’s been many years, we can’t wait to return to Victoria & Albert’s. GREAT choice Morgan!


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