The Top Ten Heels In Hollywood Herstory

Look who made it onto the list!

The Itty Britty Blog

Happy “Tuesday Shoesday” everyone! As much as I love that there is a day of the week completely devoted to footwear, the best representation of shoes comes from Hollywood’s past. There have been so many movie milestones when it comes to what women (and even men) wear on their feet.


From roller girl’s (Heather Graham) skates in Boogie Nights to Dr. Frank’s (Tim Curry) fishnets and pumps in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, some epic heels have walked their way to fame. Here are our top ten pairs in Hollywood Herstory!

10. “The Army Boot” –The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

1412218845301Ah yes the good ol’ army boot. Not just for military men and the gestapo thanks to Lisbeth Salandar, played in the film by Rooney Mara. These shoes are a great fit for any girl who’s into computer hacking, fighting crime or just taking a…

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