Why You Shouldn’t Rule Out A Value Resort For Your Disney Vacation

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Orange. Today we are reviewing the value resorts at Walt Disney World.


A Photo I had to post because well… just watch this video.

In case it wasn’t clear already, I’m a big believer in staying on property when it comes to Disney vacations. In Disneyland, it’s a little bit less important – but in Walt Disney World, there are so many hotels with awesome perks and freebies to choose from, that I don’t know what a vacation would be like if you didn’t stay in one.

If you’re looking to make your Walt Disney World vacation a bit cheaper though, I would totally recommend staying in one of the value resorts. My last trip with my former College Program friends took us to the All-Star Sports resort. And I while on said trip, I learned that cutting costs by staying at an All-Stars resort can actually add value to your vacation. So here’s what I mean:

1. It Makes Resort Hopping Easier  – While you might not get as fancy of a hotel lobby shot, all the all-stars are closer to each other than most of the Disney hotels, which allows for easier visits between the hotel pools, food courts, gift shops and more.

2. The Vibe – Don’t get me wrong, I love the fanciness of the Grand Floridian, and the bayou at Port Orleans Riverside will always have my heart, but staying at the All-Stars just feels different. Sure, it may not be a room you’re itching to spend time in, but they’re great hotels for hanging by the pool, or not feeling guilty if you aren’t spending all day in your room. (Like I sometimes feel when I pay for the nicer rooms).

Travel day!

Image Thanks To Lori at Adventures In The Great Wide Somewhere

3. The Decor – While it might be cheesy, I for one, am a huge fan of being able to walk around a football larger than most goal posts, or a giant puppy from ‘101 Dalmatians’.

4. Your Saving Your Money For Other Disney Magic – I’m all about saving any and all money for Food and Wine, or a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, or any other Disney event, and staying at the value resorts is the best way to do that.

Have any other favorite things about Value resorts? Let me know what tips I may have missed!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Orange | Walt Disney World Value Resort Reviews Loop:


11 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Rule Out A Value Resort For Your Disney Vacation

  1. I love how child friendly the value resorts are! My children feel welcome and comfortable everywhere. I don’t like the bus splitting at the All Stars, but the price more than makes up for it! Which value resort is your favorite?


  2. I completely agree about the vibe. We love resort hopping and the All-Stars make that so easy. We haven’t stayed there since two of the food courts have been refurbished. I’m looking forward to checking those out sometime!


  3. I’m so with you. If you have kids, they will love the giant icons. The pools are great. The rooms are comfortable and clean. You get every single perk that the other resorts have. AND the magic, for me, is in the parks and you will arguably be able to spend more days in the parks if you save money on the resort. It’s a no-brainer!


  4. We take our first trip to Disney in 2 weeks! We are staying at pop century resort. I was going to see if we could upgrade a few days before we go. Do you think for a first time visit, the pop century will make us fall head over heels or should I try for upgrade?


    1. I think if you’re willing to spend for an upgrade – it might be worth seeing what you can get! It’s super nice to be closer to the parks, which you’ll get the nicer your hotel is. That being said there’s nothing bad about the pop century (or any Disney resort for that matter). At the end of the day though, if it’s in your budget – I don’t think you’ll regret the proximity to the parks/ the slightly more elaborate theming of a moderate resort!


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