Praying To The Gods That This Live Action Hercules Cast Happens

I’m happy to welcome my Disney loving roommate Brittany Berkowitz back to Bibbidi Bobbidi Booze for today’s guest post! Inspired by my stunt casting of Mulan, here’s the next live action movie she’d love to see…. 

SO a live action version of Hercules other than the one with “The Rock” hasn’t happened just yet. However, with Cinderella out in theaters and Beauty and The Beast confirmed for 2017, another beloved Disney cartoon is bound to come to life and we’re praying to the gods that it’s Hercules. Since the rest of the internet is doing it, here’s our dream team for who would star in this Disney fan fav!

Hercules = Channing Tatum

Okay so Channing Tatum should be Hercules and here’s why. He’s EXTREMELY good looking, he has a child-like charm about him, He’s REALLY good looking and oh Hercules doesn’t do a drop of singing. I want to see Channing fight off titans, beat Hades and fall in love with Meg. He’s already a god to millions of girls so if the sandal fits…

Young Hercules = Hunter Parish

Young Hercules sings the best song in the entire film “I Can Go The Distance” so whoever plays this young hero has to have some singing chops. We know Hunter Parish is a theatre pro and his physique is perfect to play a slimmer version of the buffed up hunk.

Meg = Jennifer Lawrence
She’s a damsel, she’s in distress, J Law can handle this! Not only does Jennifer Larwence have the same look and tough girl appearance as Meg, we know she can carry a tune from her singing in Mocking Jay. While the song “The Hanging Tree” is super soft, I’m betting this girl can belt.

Zeus = Jeff Bridges

Whenever Jeff Bridges speaks all I hear is Zeus. He’s the perfect combination of a cuddly grandfather and man who means business, he is The Dude after all! Whether he’s thrashing lighting bolts or playing with Pegasus, Jeff Bridges is the perfect fit to take on the role of Hercules’ old man.

Hera = Nicole Kidman
Hera might be purple in the cartoon but she’s also mega hot. Nicole Kidman already looks like a goddess so she might as well be reunited with her people on Mount Olympus.

Hades = James Woods
The Hades ruled in the 1997 film and James Woods will rule again in the 2020 live-action version. He completely transformed the role from what Disney planned so I’d love to imagine someone else playing Hades but I simply can’t. Love to babe but can’t.

Phil = Peter Dinklage
He’s an angry elf, a determined dwarf in King’s Landing and he would make the perfect Phil.

Pain & Panic = Seth Rogen & Charlie Day
Come on these guys are literally Pain & Panic in human form and I wouldn’t want Hades to mane anyone after his meeting other than these two!

Muses = Danielle Brooks, Zoe Saldana, Beyonce, Rosario Dawson & Montego Glover
If a girl can dream I’m dreaming Queen Bey is head of the Muses!

Amphitryon & Alcmene = Richard Jenkins & Patricia Clarkson
The coolest parents any god like child with super human strength could ask for!

Hermes = T.J. Miller

So…what do you think? Is ‘Hercules’ next in line for the Mulan/Beauty and The Beast/Cinderella treatment? Who would you like to see star? 


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