Wordless Wednesday – #MostMagicalReunion

Another week, another Wordless Wednesday link up with Deb from Focused on the Magic. Since it’s the first Wednesday of March, this week’s theme is ‘March Calendar Shots’.

For me, March signals the start of Spring – and Spring means (or used to mean anyways) Spring Break! It’s hard to think of Spring Break and not think of Disneyland, because my family took a few road trips down that way during my schooling career. I’ve shared pictures of the last one of those on Wordless Wednesday before. So, instead this week I want to share a photo from my adult spring break last Spring. My high school friends and I met up to celebrate our 5 year reunion, and coined the hash tag #MostMagicalReunion. Someday I’ll probably write a whole post about great the trip was, but for now – you can enjoy my favorite photo from the vacation:

The fact that we’re in The Hundred Acre Wood makes the spring time feel even stronger for me.

Picking one photo from this trip was hard, but the good news is Deb’s theme for the end of the month is Photo Flashback, and I think I already have my topic in mind!


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – #MostMagicalReunion

  1. […] It was with this attitude that I approached my second, more adult, Disney vacation – which I took with two of my high school friends after graduation. This was my first real trip anywhere that I planned, payed for, and fully executed with out my family, and I couldn’t think of a better place to end up on such an adult endeavor. We had such a fun time that five years later one of my friends (plus a few more) and I returned to Disneyland for our five year high school reunion.  […]


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