Wordless Wednesday – Unforgettable

Happy to be back in the swing of things with another Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused On The Magic. This week’s theme? Unforgettable. And while a lot of Disney moments came to mind, the first – and most important, was the time I spent on my Disney College Program. Getting to call myself a Cast Member for six months of my life was truly unforgettable – and while I could never go back to working minimum wage at the Parks, I miss it every day.

name tag, walt disney world, disney cast member, disney side
Getting to wear a Disney name tag, which also listed the college I dreamed of going to since I was six, was a daily magical moment for me.
Walt Disney World, Disney Cast Member, Disney college program
That’s me in the middle! While I’ll never forget how silly this costume made me feel, it was super comfortable, and I got used to it.
Walt Disney World, Disney Cast Member, Disney Side, Mickey Mouse
This is the computer screen when you clock out at the end of your Disney work day. There were days where I’d never been so happy to see Mickey Mouse, but there were also days where I never wanted to forget how great making magic felt.
Walt Disney World, Disney Cast Member, Disney side, Disney ID, Disney college program
And I’ll never forget all the glorious discounts this little blue ID got me. Seriously, I’ll never take a Disney trip the same way again.

While I could have written about unforgettable trips to Disneyland with high school friends, or unforgettable nights spent at the Food and Wine Festival, getting to cross off a bucket list dream of mine and work in Walt Disney World, will be one thing I’m sure I’ll never forget.


Focused on the Magic


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