4 Ways to Combat Disney Snickness

I’ve  hit the rough patch where the Disney high from last year’s Disney vacation has worn off and it’s still far to early to book my next trip. Basically, my Post Disney Depression is at such an all time high I may have contemplated going to one semester of Community College just so I could do another CP. Okay okay, so maybe it’s not that bad – but it’s bad enough that I’m going to tell you all the ways I’m coping with it right here, and right now.

1. Disney Radio – I swear by Sorcerer Radio. If you’ve never used it before, it plays park loops on repeat 24/7. It’s the perfect background noise to anything you’ve ever done, not to mention it makes it really easy to feel like everything you’re doing is the most important and most magical thing you’ll ever do.

2. Disney Blogging – This should be obvious because here you are, reading my Disney blog. If it wasn’t, Disney blogging was something I decided to try on a whim a few months ago, and I’m pretty much obsessed. As the blog has grown I’ve also gotten to have some cool new opportunities (in case you didn’t notice on the side bar I’m now a Junior Pilot on the Magical Blogorail, for instance).  Also, I’m sure my friends are happy they don’t have to hear my opinions on ‘Frozen’ anymore… or at least, not as much.

3. The Disney Store – I’ve espoused my love of The Disney Store before and I will espouse it again. Both it’s online and in person locations manage to fill my heart with joy, and my credit card with charges…

4. Youtube Disney Rides, Parades, Etc. You won’t get quite the adrenaline rush you would if you were actually riding Big Thunder Mountain – but it’s a pretty okay option if you’re stuck thousands of miles away.

How do you beat your Post Disney Depression? Let me know if there’s something I’m missing out on!


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