Wordless Wednesday – Disney Love

I’m happy to be back in the swing of things with another Wordless Wednesday link up with the lovely Deb from Focused On The Magic! This week’s theme is Disney Love. So, I’m throwing it back to one of my favorite pictures of all time. Taken in Disneyland (because you know, it’s the Year of Disneyland here at BBB), I think this image of me and my younger sister does a great job of capturing the magic of not only loving Disney, but being part of a family that loves it as well.

disneyland, main street usa

There were a lot of runners up for this week’s link up – but I’ve already talked about my romantic love in regards to Walt Disney World, and I’m sure many people are going to cover their favorite Disney couples (although for what it’s worth my vote will always be for Minnie and Mickey).

Also – shout out to everyone else in my family who makes my Disney Love seem like it’s not such a crazy obsession. I love you all very much and promise to feature you in a future #WordlessWednesday!

Focused on the Magic


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