4 Reasons Belle and Hermione Are The Same Person

harry potter, hermione granger, belle, beauty and the beast

My biggest love after Disney is Harry Potter. In fact, they might be tied in my fandom if we’re being totally honest. Which is why when I learned Emma Watson was cast as Belle (my favorite Disney Princess), I lost it. Not only because I’m loving the trend of live action fairy tale remakes, but because Emma Watson will now have the distinct honor of playing both of my favorite fictional heroines.

And, I think it makes perfect sense that the girl that played a great Hermione Granger could also play a perfect Belle because, when you think about it – there characters are basically the same person. Don’t believe me? Here’s what I mean…

4. They both have an amazing transformation scene. From Hermione’s Yule Ball make over to Belle’s yellow ball gown, these ladies have a killer fashion sense.

3. They’re both out of their elements. Hermione is a muggle in a witches world, and Belle is longing for adventure in the great wide somewhere. The fact they’re always striving to be their best, and have a healthy sense of adventure, is something I love about both of these ladies.

2. They’re Fiercely Loyal. Belle runs into a creepy looking castle to save her father, and Hermione follows Harry everywhere, even when she knows it might kill her. If that’s not a great example of how to care about others, then I don’t know what is.

1. They’re both book smart. At the end of the day, with out Belle and Hermione, I probably wouldn’t care about learning, or reading, or dreaming that there’s something better out there for me. So thanks for that ladies, and so much more.

Are you excited about this casting choice? Anyone else as big of a Harry Potter nerd as me?


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