4 Ways To Be A Disney Nerd In New York City (Or Any City, Really)

statue of liberty, mickey mouse, mouse ears, disney fans
I only really picked NYC because I wanted to photo shop mouse ears on to the statue of liberty.

In last week’s Wordless Wednesday  I mentioned that I’d be posting some thoughts about how to be a Disney fan when you don’t live in Orlando. Well – those thoughts start today, as I clue you in on how I beat Post Disney Depression, judgment from cool New York types when I say Disneyland is my happy place, and just general malaise from people who visited the park just once when they were seven.

4. Make The Disney Store Your Happy Place. I’m lucky enough to work across the street from The Disney Store (though the downside to this is that it means I work in Time Square, which is about as bad as working on Main Street USA on New Year’s Eve but it happens every day). Anyway… whenever things get too stressful – I just head to the Disney Store and take a moment to appreciate its magic. If you don’t have a store close enough to you for this to be a possibility – there’s always the online version.

3. Be shameless. If Disney is a big part of your life, people should know about it. Being up front with your possibly unhealthy obsession will let people know that they can expect to watch a Disney Princess movie with you while being snowed in should they become your roommate, and they can judge accordingly. It also helps with tip number two…

2.  Find Your People.  I’m lucky to have one of my best friends from my CP not only in the city, but in the same apartment as my girlfriend. Not only is it great to have Lauren around to talk all things Disney, but my roommate Brittany happens to be a huge Disney nerd as well (something I only found out because of taking my own advice from tip number three). Not only do these two lovely ladies provide me a chance to talk all things Disney, I’ve found other co-workers, friends from college, and more who I know will understand me when I say I’m wishing more than anything that I was watching Wishes.

1. Share The Love. When I met my girlfriend she was not a Disney fan. But after years of seeing how much I love it, going on trips with me, and starting Disney traditions of our own, she’s grown to love it as well (or at least she claims she has). And trust me, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as showing other people the magic in the things you love, be they Disney or otherwise.

Any other tips for living your life as a Disney nerd trapped in a non-Central Florida city? Let me know if I need to cope in any other ways!


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