5 Countries We Could Put In EPCOT Instead Of A ‘Frozen’ Meet and Greet

My fight with ‘Frozen’ over the destruction of EPCOT has been well documented on this blog since the feud began. But the flames were stoked again this week when Disney released new construction plans for The World Showcase that had many feeling the expansion of Arendelle to include an Anna and Elsa meet and greet would be immanent. While these plans aren’t officially confirmed to be part of the ‘Frozen’ take over, at this point I believe it has to be, because I have no faith in the Imagineers when it comes to the money machine that is ‘Frozen’ I can respect why it makes sense from a business perspective.

But, I also can’t stop dreaming about what may be headed to this place instead… and so, without further ado, here’s what I’d like to see take over the World Show Case:

5.  A Rotating Meet and Greet. Think of it like a cultural Fairy Tale Hall – you could meet characters (both Disney cannon and otherwise) who could help you learn about the cultures of the World Showcase.

4. A Country. Any Country. From Australia to Brazil, there are tons of countries that would be a great addition to the World Showcase – and they could help diversify the (super Euro-centric) area.

3. Maelstrom. Because I’m still not over it.

2. A Wine Bar. EPCOT has a lot of beer and hard liquor, but not a lot of wine. I’d love to sip a glass while watching Illuminations, or just getting out of the heat (because for now I sip margaritas instead, and that never ends well).

1. Food and Wine Food Trucks.  I LOVE the Food and Wine Festival – so how great would it be to have that experience year round? Food Trucks are all the rage across the country, and it would be cool to house them inside this wear house to feature rotating foods from around the world.

Are you excited for the ‘Frozen’ expansion? If not, what would you put in its place?


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