Wordless Wednesday – My Favorite Disney Parade

Since in my last Wordless Wednesday for Focused On The Magic I declared this The Year Of Disneyland, I figured for this week’s Parade theme I’d focus on my favorite: The Main Street Electrical Parade. This was the first parade I ever saw at a Disney Park (and it was Disneyland, which is the tie in to the year of that park), and it has stuck with me ever since as the perfect mix of Disney magic, whimsy, and characters. Plus – what’s not to love about a full functioning 360 degree spinning Turtle themed float? Nothing. That’s what. Enjoy just a few of the embarssingly large collection of photos have of this parade in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World (bonus points if you can tell the difference between the two!)

The only float I’m missing here is the iconic tribute to America at the end of the show – you’ll have to forgive me, but all the images I have of it are far too blurry for human consumption.

What’s your favorite Disney parade? You’re more than welcome to try and get me to change my mind in the comments below 😉

Focused on the Magic


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – My Favorite Disney Parade

  1. Great pics! I love the Electrical Parade, but Festival of Fantasy is my favorite Disney Parks parade so far! The costumes are so detailed and bright, and the floats are absolutely amazing, not to mention there’s a fire-breathing steampunk dragon!


  2. That is such a great parade! My first as well, many many years ago. I love taking pictures of it. Thanks for sharing and for hopping along with us on the DWW Blog Hop.


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