12 Days of Disney – The 3 Best Actors From ‘Into The Woods’ (Who Aren’t Meryl Streep)

Guys – I just got back from Into The Woods, and I was blown away. While I know there are some discrepancies from the musical to its film adaptation, I made my peace with those issues long ago (mostly thanks to guest blogger Brittany who got to see the movie at a press screening and clued me in a bit about what to expect).

I think the film impressed me most because of the acting. From Anna Kendrick to Christine Baranski, everyone had a shining moment – but there are four people I think are worth an extra shout out. The first is Meryl because…duh, she’s Meryl Streep. While they totally worked on her voice (I mean, we’ve all seen Mama Mia, we know what she’s usually capable of), she stunned as the Witch, and if I can look half that good when I’m her age (even the ‘ugly’ Witch), I’ll be more than happy.

But, Meryl isn’t the only one that deserves praise here. So here (with mild spoilers) are the people I think are most deserving of ‘Into The Woods’ accolades…

3. Daniel Huttlestone – Maybe it’s because I fell in love with him as Gavroche in ‘Les Miserables’, but this kid is going to be big (if only in the musical theater world). He was cute, and fun, and could keep up with Stephen Sondheim’s particular brand of speak sining better than even some of the adults. And while that skill set meant sometimes I couldn’t understand what he was saying, it also meant that I was seriously impressed.

2. Chris Pine – I’m still debating, but I think my favorite song award would have to go to ‘Agony’, and that’s mostly thanks to Chris. He managed to pull off being the perfect mix of charming, an asshole, a little homoerotic and just well… funny. Plus, his relationship with Anna Kendrick was on point, and made the ending of their relationship the definition of bitter sweet.

1. Emily Blunt – I have to give the number one spot to her just because she blew away all my expectations. She was funny, and she could sing, neither of which I expected from someone whose last movie was that weird one with Tom Cruise that they re-named when they released it on DVD. All that aside… Emily Blunt was great and managed to carry the movie very well while also convincing me that Prince Charming would totally bone her.  Plus – I would be lying if I didn’t say I teared up at her death.

Have you seen ‘Into The Woods’ yet? Do you agree or disagree with my list?


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