12 Days of Disney: In Memoriam

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12 Days of Disney is half way done! Yesterday, I shared the Disney things I’m most looking forward to in 2015, and now I’m doing the opposite of that – and saying a final goodbye to the Disney things we lost in 2014.


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Maelstrom – I have already said a lot about my feelings on Maelstrom being closed for ever. But, it bears repeating: kicking Maelstrom out of the World Showcase for Frozen is probably the saddest thing I can remember happening to Walt Disney World.  It is the thing I’ll miss most that was removed this year, and I’m worried about what replacing it with Arendelle will do for the spirit of EPCOT at large.

Off Kilter – I probably haven’t spoken much about my love for the Canada pavilion in the World Showcase, but my love for Off Kilter was strong. I’ll miss watching them perform between having one too many Snakebites at The Rose & Crown and heading to Le Cellier to get my entire meal plan price out of one meal.


The Tip Board – I know to most people this is probably a really silly, simple thing to say RIP (especially since DAK is going through so many other changes in the next few years), but I’m sad to see it go. Maybe it’s just because I was an employee there at one point, but I’ll miss being able to find out everything I need to know on my walk to work Expedition Everest.


Also goodbye to these two cuties, who ended their meet and greet run at Hollywood Studios this year.

American Idol Experience – I thought this was a rather underrated show. On the one hand, the shows during the day would inevitably have some terrible acts, but the daily finale was usually a good time full of (mostly) talented people. Plus – an chance to sit down in air conditioning at Walt Disney World is fine by me.

The Backlot Tour – One of the original attractions at DHS, while it hasn’t been relevant in a while, the nostalgia made this a thing many people will miss about the park. Although I, for one, am excited to see what it’s replaced with. (Corssing my fingers for more Star Wars and less old movies).

Legend of Jack Sparrow – I never went on this ride/experience/what have you, but I’m setting this list up to make a claim that big changes will be announced for Hollywood Studios in the next year. With Animal Kingdom getting a major (Avatar) update – I think it’s the next park in need of a reboot.

The Sorcerer’s Hat – Although we are technically still living with this, it has been scheduled to move out of the hub and I am all for it. It’s strange to me that it has been kept as the icon of the park for this long when it wasn’t the main focal point of the park to start with and I hope the Great Movie Ride will get some much needed love when it returns to its rightful place as the Park’s icon.


I said  a brief RIP to Downtown Disney yesterday, but I think that at the end of the day this revamp will be a great one. After Pleasure Island closed, Downtown Disney felt a lot like a ghost town. So, as long as they don’t get ride of Earl of Sandwich, I think Disney Springs and I will get a long just fine.

What will you miss most as we ring in 2015? I (obviously) only focused on Walt Disney World – but for you Disneyland lovers, were you forced to say any painful goodbyes this year?


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