12 Days of Disney: Being LGBT At The Parks

12 Days of Disney is going strong with day four – if you’re keeping track. If you haven’t been, welcome! Today I’m going to chat about something that’s near and dear to my heart: falling in the LGBT spectrum and going to Walt Disney World. From my time working there, to my casual attendance through out the years with my girlfriend, I’ve developed some thoughts on this (spoiler alert, it is mostly good ones – so if that doesn’t jive with your life I would probably just stop reading now). So with out further ado – here are some tips/tricks/observations about what it’s like to be gay at Walt Disney World…

1. Working At Walt Disney World – During my College Program I met plenty of amazing, life long friends who fell all across the LGBT spectrum, which should make sense when you start thinking about all the performers, entertainers and just general believers that end up on property in any given College Program. Disney did a great job of never making me feel discriminated against, mostly by never really making a point about wither or not my orientation mattered. Long story short – to any LGBT community member worried about working for the mouse, I would highly recommend it. Not only is the Disney Company a great place to work, but should you end up at Disney World – Orlando is one of The Advocate’s gayest cities in America (and, should you end up at Disneyland – a few Southern California cities also make the list).

2. Visiting Walt Disney World – Earlier in the #12DaysOfDisney I talked about my (almost) yearly Disney visits with my girlfriend during the Christmas Season. Because I’m spoiled, and because she goes along with it, we’ve been more than these times (this year I got her to fall in love with the Food and Wine Festival). Usually, these trips are great as far as being gay goes – other than the general confusion that straight people (guests and cast members alike) from non-urban centers have when they run into a gay person, but I try not to fault people for that. Occasionally guests will become a little bit more hostile (I have definitely toned down hand holding or PDA based on looks from guests) – but if you’re already out in your general life, this is probably something that (sadly) if you’ve experienced at least a few times.

The TL;DR version of this post is as follows: I have found Walt Disney World (and any other Disney Park by extension) to be my happy place, not only because of the magic, and the rides, and the entertainment, but because it’s a safe place to be exactly who you are – and in my case, that happens to be a gay girl with the pop culture interests of your average twelve year old.

Are there any other LGBT Disney-lovers reading this blog? Let me know where you’re at! (Also, it’s my not-so-secret dream to make it to Gay Days in the future, so if anyone feels strongly about doing that or not doing that – let me know).


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