12 Days of Disney: Christmas Time With The Mouse

Hello lovely readers – and Merry Christmas!

It has been far to long since I’ve written here – and my apologizes if you’ve been checking back looking for content that didn’t exist. But my very busy work months have died down, and I’m on vacation for the next two weeks – which means I am back! I’ve decided to write 12 new posts in the next 12 days because, who needs 12 Days of Christmas when you can have 12 Days of Disney? (Also, I just learned that we can have both of these things – God bless the internet).

While I didn’t get any thing of my Disney Christmas List, I did have a great Christmas. Regardless of the merry memories I created this year,  I can’t get through the holiday season with out reminiscing on my Disney Christmas’ of years past. And since I have this blog now… what better place to do it? So without further ado, a few of my favorite Disney Christmas Moments…

1. Christmas Castle Kisses. Try saying that ten times fast. But seriously, one of the perks of having your girlfriend’s family live in Orlando is that usually during my holiday visits I can drag convience my girlfriend to spend a day at Disney World.  Every year we’ve done this we’ve taken a photo like the one above. Although I won’t be able to get one this year, looking back at  the photos of years past fills me with holiday joy (and jealousy, because I sure can’t wear a short sleeve dress this Christmas in the Pacific Northwest).

2. Visiting Celebration, Florida. While this isn’t technically a Walt Disney World experience – it is a Disney one, and so I am counting it. While I was on my College Program, a group of co-workers and I went to the Disney owned town to see the Christmas Lights, town center and snow. Yes, you read that right – Celebration, Florida is the only place with guaranteed snow every Christmas. Blame it on the Disney Magic.

3. Working On Christmas  – I know I know, this sounds really weird. But working on Christmas Day was one of my favorite memories of my Disney College Program. I worked at Animal Kingdom, so my park was not oppressively busy – and everyone was in a festive mood, guests and cast members alike.

Are you a frequent visitor to the Disney Parks around Christmas? What’s your favorite holiday memory with Mickey Mouse? 


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