I’m Dreaming Of A Disney Christmas – The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Disney Nerd In Your Life

Usually my family and I are strong believers in the no Christmas talk before the day after Thanksgiving but it’s hard to keep that tradition  in NYC, where festive decorations already run rampant up and down fifth avenue, and it was an even harder promise  to keep when I worked at Walt Disney World – where fall actually has two sub-seasons: Halloween and Christmas (with no in between).

While I’m not yet blasting the She & Him Christmas album, my Facebook and Twitter feed are full of festivities from the Disney Parks, and so I’m breaking with tradition (sorry Mom and Dad) – to clue you in on what the young adult Disney nerd in your family wants for Christmas, and may just be too afraid to ask for.


One – A Trip To Disney. Obviously this is most Disney Nerd’s dream life. // Two – A Trip To The D23 Expo. I’m already trying to decide if it’s worth it for me to go, but someone could buy me tickets and make the decision that much easier 😉

Three – Christmas PJsThese might have to be a pre-Christmas present , but it would be great to wake up warm and Mickey Mouse-d out on Christmas. // Four – Ornaments. Again, maybe a before Christmas gift, but this Steamboat Willie ornament will make any Disney Nerd’s tree just a little bit better. Not to mention, any Disney character you’ve ever loved absolutely has an ornament for you to love forever and ever.

Five – House Decor. I’ve spent a weird amount of time at the Hallmark store near my apartment – and they have so many cute Disney statues and quotes. This Sleeping Beauty one is especially adorable (if you flip it over – the backside is pink!) // Six – Disney Mugs. Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m drinking coffee at home it’s out of a Disney mug. While this Christmas one is super festive, you can find plenty more that will be good to use all year round.

Seven – Disney Jewelry. My Alex and Ani obsession is real you guys. While I don’t own the Cinderella Castle bangle, I sure would like to. This is just one of the many brands of Disney jewelry, so take a peek around the Disney Store website for even more ideas. // Eight – Disney Accessories. Again, this Vera Bradley bag is not the only option when it comes to Disney purses, much less the luggage, scarfs and more that are branded with the mouse – but it’s the one I want the most, so… here we are.

Nine – Disney Tech. While this R2-D2 phone case has the distinction of also appealing to the Star Wars fan in your life, there are plenty of other D-tech options to help bring your phone  into the world of the mouse. // Ten – Disney Clothing. Again, while this Rocket Raccoon T-shirt is going to appeal to Marvel fans as well as the Disney lovers in your life, no true Disney fan will be mad about adding another piece of Disney apparel to their collection.

I think that’s about it for my wish list (and I hope the wish list of many of you!) Did I miss anything? Let me know what you’re asking for from the House of Mouse this holiday season!


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