6 Things To Know About Big Hero Six

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Image c/o Walt Disney Studios (or whoever puts their posters together)

This week I got the chance to go to a pre-screening of the newest Disney film “Big Hero 6“. I should note that the screening was not in any way related to this blog, as in – no one knew I was going to write a review of it. But also no one said I couldn’t – so without further ado, here are six things you should know about “Big Hero 6”.

1. It’s a superhero movie. This is the first time a movie based off a Marvel comic has been produced by Walt Disney Studios, and it shows. The plot is very much that of a comic book movie, there’s a clear bad guy and an obvious fight between good and evil. But it’s also a Disney movie, from the origin story to the end credits, it tugs at the heartstrings in a way that most Marvel movies have yet.

2. …but it has the cutest superhero of all time. I can not over estimate how Baymax  is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Seriously, he’s so cute that last night after happy hour I almost bought the plush version of him at the Disney store. Every thing he says is the cutest, and he’s so good in his tiny, non-existent, robot heart.

3. It’s probably not worth the 3D ticket. This might just be my bias against 3D movies (which exists because if I wear the glasses on top of my real glasses my nose starts to fall asleep) – but I really didn’t feel like the 3D added much to this movie. Maybe that’s because I didn’t see it in 2D first, or maybe it’s just because I couldn’t see myself paying the $15 for the 3D ticket if I hadn’t gone for free, but if 3D movies aren’t your thing – you won’t be missing much here.

4. The digital short is everything. When I watched the preview footage for “Feast”, which I posted above in case you haven’t yet fallen in love with it, I knew it was going to be my everything. I didn’t expect them to play it in front of this screening, what with us not paying to see the movie and all, but I am SO glad they did. It’s probably my favorite Disney short of all time – because who doesn’t love dogs and food and love?!

5. Stay for the end. This is a Marvel movie, after all. The end bit will make all comic book fans die of happiness, and even I seriously enjoyed it.

6. Be prepared to cry. Guys – parts of this movie are super sad. People die, but not before you get to care about them – which is much more a Marvel trope than a Disney one. Also different from most animated Disney classics: when people die here, they actually die – and people have real feelings about it. But don’t worry, for as sad as it is – it’s also super funny.

If this hasn’t convinced you to go yet – check out the newest official trailer for the film:

“Big Hero Six” comes out November 7th. Will you be going? 


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