4 Free Souvenirs You Can Take Home From Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Hi Bibbidi Bobbidi Booz-ers, and welcome back! Sorry it’s been so long since a post… but I had the chance to get away for a long weekend to Walt Disney World a few weeks ago, and since coming back I’ve been in too deep of a post Disney Depression to talk about it.

But I’m back, with a vengeance, and ready to share a whole new set of tips and tricks I learned during my time with the Mouse. From Mickey’s Not So Scary to EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival, I got all my fall favorites in, but with the trip being planned so close to the wire, most of the money I could’ve spent on souvenirs was instead spent on my plane tickets. Should you ever end up in a similar boat – here are a few Disney memoires that won’t cost you an (extra) dime:

The Little Mermaid, Ariel, Disney character meet and greet, mermaid, Walt Disney World, Disney Princess
An Ariel Meet and Greet with some of my best CP Friends.

 1. Autographs – These can cost quite some time in your Walt Disney Vacation, but having a well curated autograph book is something I believe people of most ages can take pride in. There are a few meet and greet areas where you can meet rare/new characters, most notably in EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, often with no line. This trip I took advantage of this and got to meet both Rafiki and Br’er Bear. If you do want to wait in lines for the hit parade, I highly recommend doing so at EPCOT, where at least you can have a beer while you wait. Bonus Souvenir: Make sure to ask the photo pass photographer to snap a picture with your iPhone as well – the picture and the autograph are equally as important (and equally free).

2. Your Welcome Packet – If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort upon check-in you’ll receive a welcome packet. In it you’ll find a map of your hotel (often marked with the building you’re staying in), as well as a schedule of activities, park hour guides and more. I’ve kept these welcome packets over the years – they’re fun to add to your scrapbook to help you remember how special your time at your resort hotel was.

Walt Disney World, Disney Hotels, H20, Shampoo, Conditioner, soap, Mickey Mouse, Disney
I think the Mickey Mouse Ears on the Shampoo/Conditoner are so cute. Not to mention, I find the orange facial soap to die for. Image c/o PR Newswire & H2O Plus via Examiner.com

3. Bath products – If you’re really missing the way you hair smells in Walt Disney World, you can buy these products online. Or – if you’re not willing to shell out the $20 for the Sea Salt Hydrating Body Lotion, your other option is just to sit tight until your next Disney get away. If you put these in your bag every day before you head out the parks, house keeping will replenish them – and you can bring them home to your NYC Apartment and smile every day just seeing them in your shower (at least that’s what my roommate did on her latest trip). Granted, this tip doesn’t work quite as well if your family of four cleans out the tiny shampoo bottle daily  – but in my opinion there’s something so satisfying about using a Disney themed hand crème in the middle of a long work day.

4. Walt Disney World Resort Pens – I’m not sure how this happens, but every time I unpack from a Walt Disney World Trip, I seem to find more and more of the basic white pens reading ‘Walt Disney World Resort’. Not that I’m complaining – life becomes instantly happier when I bust one of these bad boys out to take notes.

Do you have a favorite free souvenir? Let me know what I should pick up on my next trip in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “4 Free Souvenirs You Can Take Home From Your Walt Disney World Vacation

  1. After an initial investment of pins to trade, I think trading pins are a great “freebie.” Each time you visit the parks, you can trade for a new-to-you pin with nothing spent!


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