How to Halloween at Walt Disney World: A Beginner’s Guide

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One of my all time favorite Disney Traditions is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. This, combined with the amazing life choices that are the Food and Wine Festival, makes October my ultimate time to visit Walt Disney World (that plus, like no one is there).

Hopefully this short intro is all I need to do to convince you to visit the parks this fall (or the next one, or the fall after that)… because if not, I could tell you for ever about why this is a great life choice. Instead,  I’ll just assume you’re going and that you want to partake in Halloween magic and help you figure out what to do once your there. With out further ado… here’s an adult guide to Mickey’s Not So Scary.


drinking, walt disney world, wine, glow cubes
These are glow cubes. They are magic, though we did put them in the wine after they came with the fancy Disney cocktails. Our blogger Lauren Spinelli took this photo.

1. Pre-Game – Now, I’m not advocating being wasted, because there’s no point in paying the extra money for a ticket to this even only to not remember it. But, it is true that there’s (virtually) no booze for sale in the Magic Kingdom. If this is something you think will be a problem for you, I highly recommend monorail bar hopping before hand. You get to have drinks at some classy bars – and there’s glow cubes involved! Really, what’s not to love about that scenario? Nothing. That’s what.

mickey's not so scary halloween party, walt disney world, phineas and ferb, fireside girls
Here I am as a Fireside Girl. Another year I went as Village Belle. Trust me, that was a solid costume, as is this one.


2. Dress Up – Don’t be a party pooper. You don’t have to be in a Disney costume, hell – you can even just throw on a decorative headband. But this is the only time of year adult park goers can dress up in Disney World, so use that to your advantage. That being said… it’s still a family affair. So, maybe don’t be the slutty Cinderella.

3. Catch the Halloween Specific Entertainment – Between the Villain’s Castle Show, the Fireworks, the Parade, the special character meet and greets and the Dance Party… there’s plenty to do here that isn’t just ride the rides. This is what you’re paying the extra money for, so watch the parade twice (because it really is the best one at Disney…except for maybe the Main Street Electrical), and also all the time with the YouTube video above.

space mountain, walt disney world, sleeping, tired, mickey's not so scary halloween party
Here’s a time I really could’ve used that Main Street starbucks. Those 12 hour Disney Days really take it out of ya.

4. Use the Main Street Starbucks To Your Advantage – Because nothing says fall like a Pumpkin Spice Latte. And nothing says a successful day at Disney like needing a coffee pick me up at 10 PM to get the most out of the extra Magic Hours. And if you can’t be #basic at Disney World, where can you be?

Do you have any tips for a great ‘Not So Scary’ experience? I won’t be going this year 😦 but let me know what I should plan on doing in 2015!


6 thoughts on “How to Halloween at Walt Disney World: A Beginner’s Guide

  1. I have yet to make it to the Halloween party! We are even going to be there for one next month and we don’t have time to go. But we are staying at Bay Lake so I hope to enjoy then fireworks from our balcony.


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