Disney is Like a Fine Wine… It Gets Better With Age!

Editors note: Today’s post is from my roommate, who recently returned from a Disney Vacation of her own. Last week I told you how I dealt with her absence, but now she’s here to tell you all the fun things she learned being 21 and over at Walt Disney World.

I recently returned from a family vacation where we ventured off to the happiest place on Earth! Before you ask: no, I have no siblings or family members under the age of 20, and yes, I am well past the point where it’s appropriate to ask me what grade I’m in. But believe it or not my family refuses to vacation anywhere else.

For those of you who think you can put a time stamp on visiting Disney World, you are seriously missing out! It’s the only place in the world where it’s totally cool to get smashed while wearing Mickey Mouse ears. You can carry a giant leg of turkey in one hand and a Pluto stuffed animal in the other. Disney is truly like a fine wine, the older you get the better your trip is and if you still don’t believe me, here are the best things about my trip…

  1. Drinking Around The World- Okay this one might seem a little obvious but here’s something you broke 20 something year olds might not realize: the drinks are reasonably priced. At least for Disney World. I’m talking $6 bucks for a glass of Prosecco reasonable. I quickly learned that stopping for drinks in Mexico, China and London are a must.
  2. All The Frozen Fun- Let’s face it, Disney made Frozen for our generation. Sorry tweeny boppers you can have all the Hannah Montana you want but Olaf will forever be meant to give warm hugs to those who understand his sense of humor. Visit Hollywood Studios for Frozen Fireworks, a Frozen sing along and a super cool show featuring the Icemen of the North, a band that performs covers of 90s and 80s songs!
  3. After Magic Hours Are Actually Better – As a kid, these extra hours meant let’s stay at the parks for 18 hours. As an adult it means let’s drink and hang out at the pool all day and stay at the parks late night to avoid all the lines and toddlers who need to go to bed at 9 pm.
  4. The Food in Disney is Actually Damn Good- Remember all those character buffets where you sacrificed taste for a snapshot with Goofy? Well, not any more! Disney has a ton of AMAZING dining options, where the food is just as good as the ambiance. Try the luau at the Polynesian Resort or eat African cuisine with the animals at Sanaa.
  5. Disney Has a Great Sense of Humor- Ever wonder how your parents sat through hours of Disney classics with you as a child? Disney’s got something for everyone and now that you’re well past puberty you understand all the jokes that went over your head during Beauty and The Beast. You too can be especially good at expectorating! Try Muppets 3D and Mickey’s Philharmagic to see what I’m talking about.
  6. Dole Whip Is (Still) The Best – Maybe the most adventurous thing you do in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventure Land is visit Aloha Isle for a signature soft serve float. The ice cream is Dole’s own brand and it sits atop a large glass beverage of your choice. It’s the best dessert ever.
  7. You Actually Still Feel Magical- So maybe the best thing about Disney is that it does make you feel like a kid again, however you’re old enough to realize just how special that feeling is. So plunge down Splash Mountain, scream like a banshee on Tower of Terror and wait in line for 2 hours to shake Mickey Mouse’s hand. It’s the only vacation you’ll ever take that transports you back in time to your childhood and that’s a kind of trip that never gets old!

Do any of you 20 somethings have any other tips to add to this list? Does Disney, in fact, get better with age?


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