4 Ways to Deal When Your Friend Is In Disney

At the time of my writing, my roommate is currently live texting me as she drinks around the world. This is hard to handle. Especially with my yearly October pilgrimage possibly being postponed, life is hard right now. Should you ever find yourself in a similar position here are my five tips for surviving what will feel like the longest vacation you’ve never been on.

1. Texting is a must… Like I said, my roommate is currently texting me as she drinks around the world. The benefit here is two fold: 1. I get to introduce her to the wonders that are the Cantoloopy, and 2. I get to pretend, if only for a moment, like I’m ordering one for myself. (Don’t worry, she’ll probably be on the blog soon creating EPCOT drink orders with me, at least if I have anything to say about it).

2. …as is Facebook stalking. My roommate and her younger sister have been posting daily photo updates, and I’ve been liking them all! (Sorry you two).

3. Keep Busy with Disney. In the past week I’ve dream planned about 400 Disney Vacations, listened to Disney Radio, and written this blog post. It’s easier to stop myself from Disney Depression if I’m not totally cutting myself off – because if I did that I’d just be dreaming about what my roommate was doing instead.

4. Get really obsessed with something else to keep your mind off things. I’m currently attempting to watch #EverySimpsonsEver for 12 days straight. Wish me luck!

What are your tips for dealing with Not in Disney depression? Does it get worse for you when you know someone who’s in the parks?


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