Cast Member Chronicles: Sometimes Guests Aren’t That Smart

Welcome Lauren back to Bibbidi Bobbidi Booze! She’s already shared things every Cast Member wants you to know. But now, in a series we’re calling Cast Member Chronicles, she (and some of our Facebook friends) is back with the dumbest things Guests have said to some of us who were #blessed with working for Mickey Mouse.

So, with out further ado (and with no context, because it’s better that way) here are ten of the dumbest statements heard at Walt Disney World:

10. “Why are the parks so busy?”

9.  “Do you import the rabbits or are they just always here?”

8. “Walt would be disappointed in Animal Kingdom”

7.  “Did you know Tower of Terror has been around since 1907?”

6. “When is the parade?” [The parade is happening]

5. “Where are the rides?”

4. “Do you know when the rain will stop?”

3. “Look! It’s Minnie Mouse!” [Pointing to Goofy]

2.  “Where is Disney World?”

And the dumbest (and one of the most frequent) questions asked at the parks…

1. “Do you work here?”

Are you a former Cast Member with some crazy stories? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Cast Member Chronicles: Sometimes Guests Aren’t That Smart

  1. Back when I worked at Cinderella’s Royal Table, I had a guest who had made their reservation for 9:20, not realizing the fireworks would be at 10 and that they would be seeing them from inside the castle. While he was checking in, and realized this, he actually asked me to move the fireworks to 11pm instead of 10pm.


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