The 10 Things You Should Be Most Excited For at the 2014 Food and Wine Festival

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Any Good Food and Wine Celebration Starts with a Cheers

There’s a lot of buzz in the Disney world (ha) about the 2014 Food and Wine Festival. While we’re not the blog to go to for an official list of all the events or food and wine options, we’re certainly here to help you navigate through the giant list of food and beverages. (And, if you are looking to stay up to date on all the latest news – I recommend you keep an eye The Disney Food Blog.)


This year will mark my third year attending EPCOT’s Food and Wine festival (it will also be my 3rd year of life after turning 21, and I will not lie when I say these two facts are totally related). While on my College Program, I spent most meal times at Food and Wine, and completed my passport, so when it comes to all things EPCOT during the month of October, I consider myself a bit of an expert.

That being said, here are ten things you can not miss at Food and Wine (or, at EPCOT in general whilst partaking in this grand adventure):

1. Canada’s Cheddar Cheese Soup – I’ve heard many a legend about this soup. If they are all to be believed this soup is: made by an old Canadian women, who is the only one with the recipe, and when she dies this soup will never be the same. Rumors aside – think of this soup as fondue meets stew meets deliciousness. It’s also available in Le Cellier, but as expensive as food and wine is, that steakhouse is 10000% more so.

2. The Brewer’s Collection Grapefruit Beer – True story: I found this beer in a grocery store near my apartment when I moved back to NYC from Orlando, and I cried. That’s how good it is. That’s how excited you should be to drink it (assuming you like grapefruit and aren’t gluten intolerant). Think of it as a shandy but with grapefruit juice instead of lemonade. If that sounds like it will float your boat, get the souvenir stein, you won’t regret it.

3. Dessert and Champaign – Since it appears that Destination: Cheese is no longer standing (RIP), this is now my favorite booth if only for the title. It’s also great for the end of the night. The title is as self explanatory as you would imagine and dessert and champaign (which are two of my favorite things anyways), combine to make the most magical night cap you can think of. When people say ‘Disney Magic’ – I think dessert and champaign.

4. The Caribbean’s Dragon Berry Refresher – Once my CP roommates and I recreated this beverage, and as far as frozen drinks go, I think it’s the best one to spend your money on. Essentially a piña colada with Dragon Berry Rum and some strawberry goodness mixed in, it’s the best refresher on those randomly hot October Disney days.

5. Club Cool – Because there’s nothing more fun then convincing your newly tipsy friends to try the Beverly. (And if you don’t know what I mean by this – then you should try it as well! It’s great).

6. Canada’s Filet Mignon –  Canada is the only booth making this list twice, and the only booth making it on here only for its food based offerings (take that information for what it’s worth). Again, with all the money you can spend on Food and Wine, this is where you get your money’s worth. Because where else are going to get steak? Oh yeah, Canada’s super expensive steakhouse. (Full disclaimer: I love Le Cellier, but I think it only makes sense if you’re on the dining plan… but more on that in another post).

7. France’s Sparkling Pomegranate Kir – In my book this wins the award for classiest drink at Food and Wine – hands down. There’s something pretty legit about sipping from champaign flutes as you walk around fake France. Bonus points if you do it while meeting Marie from the Aristocats because #France.

8. Singapore’s Singapore Sling – I’m not a big gin drinker, but I’m constantly told that this is the drink that will get you the most bang for your Food and Wine buck.

9. Any of the new booths – This year Food and Wine is introducing the (Disney) World to Patagonia and Farm Fresh cuisines. Although Farm Fresh feels kind of like a re-do of the old Florida booth, I’m pretty pumped to learn more about what Patagonia has to offer me besides nice fleece jackets.

10. Illuminations – because once you’ve crossed everything else off this list, they are actually some pretty amazing fireworks.

Coming soon: tips & tricks for surviving Food and Wine without passing out from dehydration, getting kicked out of the park, and/or spending all your life savings. But, in the meantime, what are the things you can’t live with out when it comes to Food and Wine?


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