Where is That Strange Water Coming From? (And Other Things Cast Members Want You To Know)

EPCOT, margaritas, drinking around the world, germany, disney college program
Editor-in-chief Morgan, guest writer Lauren and another CP named Curtis enjoying the mystical EPCOT margaritas.

Today’s post comes from the one and only Lauren Spinelli, who served as a Photo Pass CP at Magic Kingdom and also as my coolest roommate in Orlando. Hopefully we’ll be having more guest posts/full time writers here soon – so get excited. In the meantime… here are the nine things Lauren (and all cast members) need you to know about Walt Disney World:

1. Recyclers rejoice! Disney doesn’t care what bin you put it in. They run everything through a huge set of tubes and it automatically separates your trash. Also, there is never a trash can more than 30 feet in any given direction.

2. Harry Potter World is in Universal, about 10 miles down I-4. It is NOT affiliated with Disney.

3. That child that just cut everyone in line to meet a character? They’re Make a Wish. They deserve to cut you.

4. Why is it raining only around the perimeter of the castle, 40 minutes before fireworks? It’s to prevent fall-off (the little speckles you see trickle down from the fireworks after they’ve exploded) from catching the park on fire. Really.

5. The good margaritas are inside the Mexico pavilion. They are $14, but I promise you will get your $14 in tequila.

6. Always look up. Disney was created with a child’s height in mind. You miss some cool shit when you don’t take your time to observe at Disney.

7. Yes, we do know how to work your phone/tablet/etc. You don’t have to tell us what button it is.

8. There are less children in Epcot. There are even less children around the world.

10. Speaking of Epcot, start in Mexico. Keep drinking until you find you way into spaceship earth. Pick a foreign language, make an ugly face and go. You won’t regret it.

Any former cast members have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, get in touch and come write for us!


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